Rotisseries on the Ile de Ré

A new installation 0n the Ile de Ré, France, Le ROTI-SHOW.  Opened in May 2017 the concept consists of two electric Grandes Flames Millenium Rotisseries, hot and cold counters and heated granite for Paella pans.  Serving you not only roast chickens, but the famous Ile de Ré potatoes roasted in the rotisseries and a variety of salads and Paella.  Open from the beginning of April throughout the season.  You can see more rotisserie installations @ online videos of clients and check out the range of the rotisserie that Rotisol has to offer.

We can help with the initial design of your concept, training at our test kitchens in Paris and the delivery and installation of the rotisserie CONCEPT.  We have installations across the world including Chile, New Zealand, Australia, China, Mexico, USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East just to mention a few.  Do contact us for your requirements, or come and meet us in person at the next Tradeshows that we will be participating in. ROTISOL TRADE-SHOWS


Since 1954, Rotisol S.A. has been crafting the world’s most beautiful and efficient rotisseries and catering equipment from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Chelles, France. An independent company owned and run by the same family for over 50 years, Rotisol not only continues the fine tradition of this historic and popular style of French cooking, it has been responsible for many innovations over the years. Over the course of the last fifty years Rotisol has been expanding its rotisseries ranges to cater to growing international demand for its quality products. It now has offices in Europe, the United States,  and Poland, and is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced rotisseries systems.


The quality of Rotisol’s design, materials and production facilities, as well as our excellent back-up support and services, has enabled us to expand from strength to strength. Our rotisseries and other range of products are now used by renowned restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and chain stores throughout the world.



Rotisol’s precise engineering has designed the exact rotation speed required by the European style of cooking. It allows meat to constantly baste itself, sealing in natural juices while letting fat drip off. Cooking times are very fast, taking less than an hour to roast a typical 1kg chicken. With the stainless steel burners, your rotisserie will always cook your produce in the same amount of time, even after years of intensive use.

With Rotisol you will give your customers delicious, low-cholesterol, healthy roast chickens and meats cooked to perfection every time. Over 300 rotisseries recipes have been created by our Food Specialists. They can also assist you in developing new products and innovative menu ideas.

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