Millenium Rotisserie


The Millennium Range

Rotisol’s most popular line of rotisserie, the Millennium combines the drama of visible flames and the beauty of elegant finishes with the highest degree of functionality.

Installed throughout the world’s leading 5 Star hotels, 3 Star restaurants and many major food outlets .

A wide array of spits allow the chef to cook anything that can be roasted: whole or spatchcock chickens, lamb, beef roasts and steaks, cuts of pork, fish, vegetables and even fruit.

The optional Vertical Spit System with its choice of eight hanging accessories expands the menu possibilities even more and adds additional visual appeal.  See videos of different accessories available & the vertical spit system.

ROTISOL Recipes have been written by our founder Mr. J.Wittig and translated from French into English.


I am available for a video conference to answer any questions or just to inform you more on our products.  Contact me on the above link and we can arrange a time slot.

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