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Our professionnal rotisserie Grandes Flammes Millenium is very energy efficient. The naked flame from Rotisol’s rotisserie patented burners lick the cast iron hearth creating a spectacular visual, whilst being safe and simple to operate and easy to clean. Spits are driven by individual motors rotating at 2 1⁄2 times per minute allowing meat or poultry to constantly baste itself, sealing in natural juices and cooking to perfection.


  • Energy Efficient
  • Independent motors
  • 2-4 tempered glass doors
  • Safety with installed thermocouple
  • Equipped with bottom drip tray with drainage tap
  • Powerful halogen lamp


Rotisserie technical data

2 spits 975

rotissoire professionnelle

5 spits 975

rotissoire professionnelle

8 spits 975

rotissoire professionnelle

2 spits 1375

rotissoire professionnelle

5 spits 1375

rotissoire professionnelle

8 spits 1375

rotissoire à poulet

8 broches 1675

Grande rotissoire professionnelle



Our  alternative Spatchcock chicken rotisserie allow “open”-style cooking.

6 spits 1375

rotissoire professionnelle


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