Basket for poultry

Rotisserie accessorie

Spit for large pieces

Rotisserie accessorie

Spatchcock spit

Rotisserie accessories

Upper tray - to cook veg etc.

Rotisserie accessories

Roasting equipment and accessories

Our research and development department is committed to improving the performance of roaster equipment and accessories on a daily basis. We offer high quality products for Roti-Roaster and Star-Clean rotisseries: Chicken rotisserie poultry scales, large brooch pin, crapaudine brooch and bottom tray.

About Roti-Roaster & Star-Clean Rotisseries

The professional rotisseries new generation Star-Clean and Roti-Roaster provide many opportunities for professionals. Totally insulated, they offer optimal use, saving energy while respecting the environment. Highly technological, easy to use, they are characterized by a cooling and automatic steam cycle at the end of cooking. In addition, they offer convenient disassembly to facilitate cleaning. Clearly, these two roasters meet all the requirements of reliability and safety.

In addition to quality, these rotisseries allow a quick, neat and perfect roasting on time. their pointed mechanisms will allow you to serve your meat with ease.

A guarantee of quality

Rotisol has developed a quality service to ensure the respect of hygiene standards and food safety. Standards that apply to all its products:

  • We have put in place specific procedures to fulfill the best certification criteria. Among them, the certification Cemafroid Performance relating to the respect of the temperatures of conservation in hot and cold.
  • In addition, we are committed to conducting our production in France.
  • Finally, we are committed to subject our products to unannounced inspections of committed laboratories while devoting significant investments. Investments that will serve to maintain this requirement at the highest level.

We do not compromise with the trust our customers have in us.