ROTISOL’s expertise offers hot food holding at the optimum temperature with the splendor and durability of the Heated Granite Drop’Ins.
In Delis, Fast Food, Sandwich Shops, Bakeries, Cafeterias and Rotisserias, ROTISOL guarantees the best technical and commercial solutions. ROTISOL technology accumulates and redistributes heat through the elegant granite top in these single-level hot displays, showcasing products at their best. Ideal for locations that needs a heated display and serving surface – buffet lines, carving stations, delis, cafeteria-style eateries . . .
The Heated Granite-Top Drop’In is perfect for keeping a variety of food products at optimum serving temperature. It can be dropped into an existing counter with heat lamps to minimize heat loss.
A sturdy stainless steel support box with adjustable legs for leveling is topped by a granite serving surface. Thanks to Rotisol’s unique patented system, heat is uniformly diffused across the entire surface of the granite slab. It is a very even heat, and there is no risk of cold patches. A thermostat controls the temperature through a probe inserted into the granite, allowing the temperature to be set from 145°F (to 199°F).


  • Can be installed in any counter.
  • ROTISOL’s Heated Granite Slabs, made of approved food safe material, are available in Absolute Black or Grey Sarde (white with grey and black flecks).
  • Control panel is connected with a 40” power cord in a stainless steel conduit so that it can be placed in the most convenient location.
  • Heated fabric embedded with heating elements uniformly spreads under the surface of the granite for accumulation and redistribution of the heat through the granite without any risk of cold spots.