Self-Service Hot Islands

island heated display

Attractive visual merchandising with the heated island display

Self-service and installed in all types of shops, this mobile unit is a major asset in encouraging impulse purchases for hot packaged products (roast chicken, various grilled meats, potatoes, etc.)

Its modular layout for complementary products makes it possible to considerably increase the food offer and ensure excellent profitability

(crisp holder, heated or neutral upper shelves, silk-screened "SERVE YOURSELF" marker pole)
Faced with soaring electricity prices, and thanks to our patented ECOLONOMIE technologies, and aware of the expenses it represents for its customers, ROTISOL has implemented an energy reduction programme and alleviates your bills through very significant financial gains thanks to an innovative design in terms of environmental and economic performance of our heating islands.

  • Heated stainless steel display surface.
  •  800 mm display height for immediate product viewing.
  • Electronic temperature control.
  • Evenly distributed heating pads (energy saving with very high financial gain).
  • Perfect temperature distribution on the display surface without the risk of an underheated area.
  • Easy to place the units thanks to their low consumption 230 volts (single-phase connection: 16A socket)
  • Anti-shock aluminium bumper
  • Base on 4 castors, 2 with brakes
  • Black lacquered finish

General electronic digital temperature control of the entire display case.

Removable "SERVE-VOUS" silk-screened marker pole

Étagère supérieure chauffante de présentation pour divers produits chauds (maintien à 63°C)

Enhancing LED lighting

Brake castors for mobility

Neutral top display shelf for various dry goods

2 chip niches integrated into the base of the cabinet

Servez-Vous" screen-printed safety glass cap + LED lighting

10_Poulets en coque

7_Pommes de terre rôties