Rotisol the market leader have invented the Master-Clean, a new generation of modern and elegant "Slim Fit" rotisseries that are self-cleaning .

You dreamt about it ....Rotisol invented it!
Your staff will love the automatic cleaning and so will you.
+ 300 fewer man-hours each year.

This significant cost saving, low water consumption and controlled energy output will significantly reduce your bills compared to other competitive products.
Ergonomic, the Master-Clean has been designed to fit into your line thanks to its small footprint by maximising optimal capacities for different types of cooking.

All stainless steel forced air rotisserie fully insulated with rock wool

  • 1 glass door (K.KLASS anti-scald) with double glazing (cold wall) screen-printed "ROTISSERIE"
  • 2 halogen lights protected by ceramic glass.
  • Programming and visualization via a 5" touch screen '"TOUCH CONTROL" (voir p41)
  • Display of cooking programs (time and temperature)
  • End-of-cooking alarm, then automatic shutdown and switch to temperature hold at 63°C
  • Automatic wash programme with 3 cycles (consumption 30 litres): Steam (grease softening), Detergent (washing), Rinse agent (anti-scale).
  • 100 mm deep pan for cooking potatoes, inclined for easy drainage of cooking juices into a mobile grease trap
  • Automatic draining of wastewater by an electromechanical valve
  • Equipped with universal baskets (small and large parts)
  • Equipped with a technical support cabinet (see details)

Pre-programmed recipe menu for immediate cooking.

K.GLASS anti-scald door with double glazing for significant energy savings (cold partition).

High pressure shower. Water at your fingertips.

Innovative and intelligent automatic wash programme.

Programmation TOUCH CONTROL technologie IPS d’écran tactile capacitif. Forte résistance aux utilisations intensives.

Ergonomic handle with quarter-turn closure.

Cleaning cycle through multiple dispensing tourniquets.


The TOUCH CONTROL touch screen is the brain of the Master-Clean, making it intuitive and easy to use.


4 main categories easily identifiable thanks to background photos.


Category subdivided into several recipes for immediate use.


Automatic wash control. All steps are displayed on the screen, as well as detergent and rinse aid management.

5_Roast Chicken


8_Lamb shank

7_Roast potatoes