Vertical Spit System

Vertical Spit System

Optional vertical system to be added to your ROTISOL rotisserie in addition to an existing vertical system or to add an additional asset to your rotisserie (please take into account the height of the cooking chamber of your rotisserie).

A guarantee of qualit

Tourniquet support for 4 skewers.

Sausage spit.

Basket spit forcôte de bœuf, fish, shellfish etc…

S Meat hook.

Square spit for pigeon / cokerel 285 mm long

Soup pan (soupes, stew), 4 liters maximum

Suspended plate for cooking pie, ramekin etc...

Rectangle or round basket to roast individual portion.

About the GF Millenium rotisserie

The Millenium Grandes Flames is made with respect to design, modernity and refinement. The large flames of the Rotisol Millenium rotisserie lick the cast iron plates in a luxurious setting for a spectacular cooking experience that will delight your customers.

The Rotisol Millenium range allows for fast and careful roasting. Indeed, this professional rotisserie allows a perfect and timely cooking. Its sharp mechanism will allow you to serve your meats and side dishes with pleasure and quality.

About the GF Olympia rotisserie

The Olympia range offers high quality rotisseries for restaurants. This range, which is exclusively reserved for the restaurant industry, offers luxury equipment to serve the finest gastronomy. Indeed, our engineers are constantly coming up with new solutions by inventing new products, processes or methods that meet your exact needs. 

Attractive and efficient, they are the sign of a rustic know-how characterized by an equipment made of visible chains and massive pulleys, arranged in a transparent room whose look evokes a traditional kitchen spirit, in a frame made of enamels with elegant colours.

About Performance Rotisserie

To remain at the top of the range, the Performance range of rotisseries has become a reference among professionals, meeting their needs in terms of production quantity and sturdiness thanks to its heat-resistant glass and stainless steel double walls. In fact, they offer high throughput capacities, speed and quality, combined with a variety of possible foods to roast. Ergonomic, technical and safe, "performance" roasters are therefore a first-rate investment to optimise your business. Performance" rotisserie equipment and accessories are also built with the utmost care.

ÀAbout the Spécial-Marché rotisserie

Finally, the "Spécial-Marché" range has been designed in response to the needs of retailers who will benefit from its performance. Indeed, this high-performance rotisserie has many advantages: limited weight, minimal space requirements and mobility. This makes it the ideal rotisserie for markets. And for good reason, our engineers have specially designed this rotisserie to be ergonomic while offering the best performance, and above all, to attract the appetizing smells they love to find on markets or stalls.

Competitive, solid and efficient, the "Special Market" professional rotisseries will thus offer their buyers the satisfaction of a rapid yield, while respecting the quality of cooking.