Faux Flame – Special Market

Faux Flame - Special Market

Limited weight, minimal space requirements and mobility are the advantages that the FAUX FLAME - SPECIAL-MARKET rotisseries offer to their buyers.

The ergonomic features of the FAUX FLAME - SPECIAL MARKET rotisserie provide shoppers with the attractive sight and appetizing smells they love to find at markets or stalls.

Features :

  • Stainless steel body + enamel front, equipped with floating, adjustable motors, independent by spindles.
  • Protective glass doors with opening and closing locks.
  • Technical compartments protected from cooking fat and heat (high temperature) by a removable double panel.
  • Motors swivel towards the user for easy unspitting (reduced heat exposure during unspitting)
  • Removable stainless steel panel between the heating elements.

Ergonomically designed door handles made of plastic "cold" to prevent the risk of burn injuries.

Robust hinges designed for heavy use with integrated locking when opening and closing.

Removable double panel to prevent grease infiltration into the technical compartments. Preservation of motors and electrical/gas circuit.

Anti-burn K.Glass for reduced external heat radiation (energy saving). Recessed glass with a channel for better juice recovery (anti-slip safety).

Gas safety! Separation of the gas and electrical systems to avoid the risk of implosion in the technical compartment

Adjustable, independent floating motors for easy spit handling.

Removable gas burners with interchangeable ceramic bricks (significant cost savings).

Access to the filter through a removable access hatch for cleaning and perfect gas diffusion.



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