Rotisserie Star-Clean is the new generation rotisserie with energy savings and cleaning cycle! !

All stainless steel, the rotisserie Star-Clean has an interior with central axis, removable support and baskets in order to facilitate cleaning.

  • Lighting protected by a ceramic glass.
    K-Glass door (anti-burns and energy safe) on removable silicon joint
    Entirely insulated. Energy saving.
    Integrated grease tray , inclined for an ease to evacuate via drainage trap.
  • Digital Display with programming of cooking para- meters (time and temperature)
  • Pre heat program
    6 cooking program
    A steam program to facilitate cleaning. Make sure you have a connection to softened water.
  • Automatic cooling of the heated turbine at the end of cooking cycle.
    Delivered with chickens baskets

Digital electronic display
Automatic preheating at start-up
1 manual program
6 cooking programs
Alarm at end of cooking cycle and hold temperature (+145°F)
1 steam program for assisted cleaning

Removable high temperature silicone door seal

Free access to the cooking chamber without the presence and obstruction of heating elements (Anti-burn safety).

Electronic temperature control of the heated base cabinet

Convection rotisserie with automatic cooling of the turbines at the end of cooking cycle

Mobile grease collection container

BRITA anti-limescale water softener

K.GLASS curved glass door with double glazing for significant energy savings (anti-burn cold wall)

Removable baskets and planetary supports

2 lights protected by ceramic glass

High pressure shower. Water at your fingertips.

Mobility thanks to casters with brakes

Waterproof PVC bag in the container for storing cooking fats (HACCP health standards) Guaranteed hygiene for the user

Steam cleaning program

4_Drum sticks



5_Roast Chicken