High Tech Evolution Line

 EVOLUTION Display line

''The mastery of high technology heating and cooling for installations that reflect your image''


From hot to cold, the Evolution ''High Technology'' counters allow you to keep the best temperature and freshness of your cooked dishes, roasted meats, sandwiches, pastries.... ROTISOL has developed the EVOLUTION line in direct response to the needs expressed by customers in terms of their ability to create their own identity, a brand image, but also in terms of design and finishes (enamel, granite, glass, wood, translucent glass surfaces, stone, etc.)

The hot display cases of the EVOLUTION line,
gives you the means to maintain food at the ideal temperature to avoid dehydration or deterioration thanks to an automatic hygrometric saturator. In accordance with established hygiene standards, they are kept at a core temperature between 63°C and 70°C (CEMAGREF certification).

The EVOLUTION line of cold display cabinets,
are developing a state-of-the-art technology with our latest refrigeration technology, maintaining the products in an atmosphere that ensures the best taste and quality. The freshness of our display cases has been tested and approved at the CEMAGREF expertise centre, and also meets the CEMAFROID PERFORMANCE safety standards ensuring that the core temperatures of the food are between 0°C and 5°C.

Heated Granite display cabinets from the EVOLUTION line
allows you to present your hot food and dishes at the right temperature for self-service or assisted dining. The electronic temperature control of the granite can be adjusted to suit any need without the risk of an under-heated zone. The Heated Granite range is available in a variety of sizes to create a unique countertop concept.

The EVOLUTION line of hot holding or cooking pans display cabinets
is ideal for creating an event in your shop or point of sale. Paella, couscous, stews, meat and fish in sauce, and all kinds of ready-made dishes guarantee a culinary atmosphere thanks to a customer-friendly concept. So many selections of various festive products, will entice your customers by featured tasty cooking, placed in the front line to be better valued.


Neutral displays from the EVOLUTION line
are complementary to the creation of a single counter. Their integration is sometimes necessary to position a shelf for the presentation of dry goods , the packaging of products or the installation of a checkout. Optional storage units are provided at the base of each display cabinets.



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