Self service Merchandising

Self-service ventilated hot display

Boost your sales and seduce your customers thanks to the ventilated hot display case line with its unique panoramic design. A maximum display surface for a reduced footprint available for all food trends (roasted products, ready meals, pizzas, snacking...)
In the face of soaring electricity prices, and thanks to our patented ECOLONOMIE technology, reduce your energy bills by making huge savings thanks to the independent controls of each display shelf. Don't waste your money because as many unused shelves, as much energy saving, as much money saved.

  • Modern panoramic design with thin shelves.
  • Ventilated self-service display cabinets with 2, 3, 4 or 5 levels inclined at 5°.
  • Transparent viewing maximised by side windows.
  • Enhancement of the products by LED lighting on each shelf. 
  • Electronic temperature control thanks to an innovative patented technology of heat recovery and redistribution of hot air to each shelf (63°C to 70°C at the heart of the food) + 50% energy saving.
  • Different temperature settings on each shelf for different food groups in an independently controlled version (unused shelves are switched off and also contribute to energy savings).
  • Heating technology that guarantees the maintenance of the temperature of stacked packaged products, optimising their quantity for sale at each level.
  • Black lacquered finish

Contrôle indépendant électronique digitale de la température de chaque étagère.

Principe circulaire parfait du maintien de la chaleur dans l’enceinte de chaque étagère.

Bandeau en verre sécurit noir sérigraphié.

Porte étiquettes à chaque étagère.

Independent electronic digital temperature control of each shelf.

Perfect circular principle of heat retention within each shelf.

Black screen-printed safety glass band.

Label holder on each shelf.

Dettaglio Cartone Pizza con scritta e Pizza che si intravede

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Noodles with pork and vegetables in take-out box on wooden table

italian focaccia with rosemary